Monday, April 29, 2013

Shadow Crypt...Fail

I finished flagging for Shadow Crypt but before I got the quest, I thought I better see if there is an LFM so I can save that flag for later, maybe open it up for some alts, what have you.

So I found one...Elite farm AFK start in 10 minutes. So I click join...and wait...and wait...and 15 minutes.

and I get accepted to the group. So it's just me and him and I grab the window for him since he was AFK inside. That's good, right? Maybe he was soloing before and opening it up for others, or maybe he was part of a previous run and wanted to keep running it.

So we go through, and those flame turrets are pretty good. Not quite like a firewall which I've used in my prior lives to own this quest.

So we get to the vampire and dps just isn't there. Chat says empty my blue bar into him, which would normally be a great idea, except my favored soul doesn't have a lot of damage spells, mainly crowd control. I alternated between maximized cure serious, searing light and deific vengance and scrolls of heal, but it just wasn't enough.

Get a few terse lines during and at the end of fighting, then a recall and a leave group. I guess if he was that uber he could just solo it? IDK. I had raise dead scrolls

So it seems spell selection will be important, which will take time to change on a FVS.

Divine Punishment, Cure Critical, Searing Light, Cure Serious, Deific Vengeance, Cure Mod, Nimbus of Light would seem to be the best ones to use, and max out the smiting line along with radiance and devotion items. And I'll bring a hireling with firewall. =)


Samius said...

I would work in some blasting spells on any healbot just incase. You can't always count on the others to get your xps. Just like everyone needs some self healing even if it is hide behind something and drink a 10000000 hp pots.

Brian Peterson said...

Is that one 10000000 hp pot, or 10000000 1 hp pots? =)

I might use that horded blood of dragons to change my spells quickly this time around.