Monday, April 22, 2013

Share plz

by Melkior @

So, Meloth the inept favored soul with an odd smattering of handwraps, bows, and a level of monk reached level 10, and I start looking at quests to run for elite bravery bonus, other quests to farm, and what gear I need.

Those updated fanged wraps from Tangleroot had caught my eye, so i ran that chain again and got lucky, getting the fanged wraps with ribcracker which is not too bad. 7d6 on crits, which without crit modifiers is about an extra point of damage per attack. With the removal of autocrits, this isn't as awesome as it could be, but oh well.

I then farmed Delera's part 4 for xp, and ended up getting the upgraded devotion handwraps as well. A third time through the chain to get all the first time bonuses gave me a pretty cool reward list, but I didn't see anything particularly useful that I didn't already have so I got the only BTCoE item, another set of handwraps and put them on the AH.

But while farming on my own I put up an LFM, to share the good times. I got a request to share Thrall of the Necromancer. "I can't do that, it's a chain quest," I responded. "Which quest is it?" I'm thinking...that's why there is an LFM says Hard Farm, and the quest says Thrall of the Necromancer. Anyways, got it all straightened out, and finish out the quest. "I'll grab window" I put into group chat...and you can imagine my dismay when I see the two others sitting outside with me before I can. But I made the best of it and ran the chain again. By the way, thanks to DDOwiki for that new info on how to solo the water gate optional in part 2 with a hireling (summon monster for the win?)

I also ran Von 1 solo which was kind of interesting. I ended up joining a group later for von 1 and 2 on elite, and that went very smoothly, except I'm still not zergtastic. And don't even mention Claw of Vulkoor. I'd never taken a shortcut on that one, so I got quickly separated which isn't good for a squishy.

I figure the necro 2 flagging quests will get me to 11, at which point I can alternatively run von 3 or shadow crypt, and use my 100 roll on the daily dice 30% xp pot for some good times. (Fingers crossed for someone staying to grab window)

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