Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Upgrades

Well, there was finally a hard drive on sale right after Christmas that was within my budget so I should be getting sometime next week a 32GB SSD for the Mac whose hard drive has been dead for awhile. Depending on how it performs, my wife may claim it as her primary computer again, letting me have her Toshiba Satellite. The Mac has better specs, but having to run Wine and an underclocked video chip hampers it severely in the gaming department, so the swap may be a good thing.

In the meanwhile, I've been playing DDO on the netbook, which is aggravating at times, but the frame rate can usually stay around 20 to 25 in a quest, so it's not bad.

If hard drive prices come down I may be able to build a desktop sooner, but it's looking like maybe sometime around April that I'll be able to do that.