Thursday, May 17, 2012

Challenges, New Computer, and TR

So I've been grinding out challenge ingredients with daily tokens for a small bit now (seems like forever but I took level 20 on my wizard March 29th so it can't have been that long.) But it wasn't until crystal cove came around and I was able to get an epic ornamented dagger and epic spyglass that I was able to get things into high gear.

But, one thing that made a huge difference was my new computer. I had been playing between a 2006 MacBook Pro using Wine, a Toshiba Satellite Pro A210 and a Dell Mini 9, none of which were really up to the task of running DDO. I built my desktop, with the little APU that could, the AMD A6-3500. It meets my needs for now, as my only monitor is a 17" CRT, which works for now.

With new computer and epic level items in hand, the disruptor became pretty trivial for my wizard and now I have enough epic challenge ingredients to TR. I'll probably just wait for the expansion to check out the new quests, epic destinies and levels, and then TR into druid.