Friday, June 27, 2008

Kalamar Session 07 - June 27, 2008

The group goes back to the throne room, and looks at the three northern doors. They first look at the middle door.

This small door seems to scintillate with a faint
violet light. A sturdy brass ring hangs enticingly at
the center of the door.

They search for traps, and find none, and also determine that the door is unlocked.

This 10-foot-square chamber contains many
martial war decorations, which consist of crossed
swords over round shields.

They also see a door or the north wall. They think that maybe their lost equipment is through the door. So Vorian, the unarmored figher steps into the room. He is suddenly surrounded by the swords and shields, which are animated by some sort of magic.

He begins hitting them, and then tries to get out of their reach by leaving the room. They follow him out into the hallway, and attack him en masse. Casandra casts haste, and Lightning bolts from the wizard, and flame strikes from the druid start doing some damage. Vorian, using his magical longsword also does a fair amount of damage. Aldoran also shoots several arrows.

They are eventually killed, but Vorian is much worse for the wear. Chamele then scouts out the northern door. She opens to it find a chamber.

Water spills from a wall basin onto a sodden floor
strewn with decayed bones and rotted equipment.
Runes are carved in the northern wall.


The most important find in this room was a magical flail, which the elven fighter takes.

They then look at the right-hand door.

This small door seems to shimmer with a faint
blue light. A sturdy brass ring hangs enticingly at
the center of the door.

They open the door to find:

A large wooden sarcophagus rests upon a low
stone table. Broken and looted chests, urns, and
coffers are scattered about on the floor.

The wizard casts a detect magic spell, and detect something magical inside the sarcophagus. They open it up to find the mummified remains of a corpse. Kascannia, the elven fighter, picks up a hand and removes some of the bindings to reveal a magic ring on the middle finger. Casandra reaches in a grabs the ring, finger and all. Suddenly, the corpse seems to become whole and stands up.

Everyone steps back, stunned a little bit. It quickly turns towards Brutus, Cleric of the Old Man. The mummy casts a spell, approaches the cleric, touches him, and the cleric suddenly falls to the ground, dead.

The wizard casts magic missle, but they are absorbed by the mummy’s amulet. Everyone tries to kill the mummy, but the most effective damage is done by Aldoran and his arrows. A lightning bolt also did a substantial amount of damage to the mummy.

It eventually falls, before inflicting any more harm on the party.

Now the question is what to do with the dead cleric who came to their aid earlier.
Surprised that this has gone on for so long!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Coin Trilogy 07 – Sunday, June 22, 2008

Coin Trilogy 07 – Sunday, June 22, 2008

Raizix – Human Fighter 3
Jelena – Wood Elf Ranger 3
Darwin – Grey Elf Sorcerer 3
Ember – Wood Elf Druid 2/Rogue 1

Well, it happened. After fighting 4 skeletons, setting off three traps (all glyphs of warding, and killing a zombie that hacked off it’s own arm, the group reached level 4. They also talked with the captain of the Hyperion, Wein. He said that with a bit of hard work, the ship could sail in a little over a week.

So, Raizix talked with the captain of the Forsaken, Pocaat. Raizix said that the Hyperion wasn’t well off, but with some hard work and help, Captain Wein could get his ship underway and put this behind him. Raizix then suggested that the 10 freemen from the Dragon’s Breath could go over to the Hyperion with him and his companions. That leaves Pocaat and his 20 crew to take the Dragon’s Breath and the Forsaken.

Pocaat agrees to this arrangement. Naval law said the Dragon’s Breath was his, but the Hyperion was a ship in distress. The freemen were freed from their forced servitude, so don’t work for him either. The freemen agree to this arrangement too. Some of the ships stores from the Dragon’s Breath are transferred to the Hyperion to get them started.

The cleric had quite a bit of treasure on himself, and then the captains quarters, which he had converted into a chapel with altar for the the harvester of souls, also had a sizable treasure. Some of this was originally taken from Captain Wein, who said it was a fitting reward for rescuing him and his ship.

So, now the group have a ship pretty much of their own. Wein has agreed to help them in any way he can, for as long as he can. Next stop: Zoa!

We leveled at the end of this somewhat short session.

Raixix – Human Fighter 4 (Learned Great Cleave)
Jelena – Wood Elf Ranger 4 (Got an animal companion, a wolf, and 1st level spells)
Darwin – Grey Elf Sorcerer 4 (Learned Disrupt Undead and Scorching Ray)
Ember – Wood Elf Druid 2/Rogue 2 (Evasion and maxed out listen, spot, search, disable device, and put a rank in open lock)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Undermountain Session 03

Friday, June 13th, 2008.

We went back to this after a long hiatus trying to finish Tomb of Horrors. Since it seemed that the more the players tried to finish the thing, the longer it took, we decided to go back to this.

We had just found a portal that leads to the storeroom level, which our map said was the location of the crypt of Yeldoon. We were hired by two Yeldoon heirs to look for their uncle’s tomb, supposedly filled with the families treasure. They agreed to split it with us 50/50.

So, we were feeling kind of weakened by our encounter with the strange ooze inside the well, so we rested. After resting, we decided to press on rather than return to the surface. We though there might be a way to return to the surface directly from the second level, possibility making it easer to press on then double back.

The first thing we encountered through the portal was writing in chalk on the walls. In various languages, it told us merchants were to the north, and would sell us various things. So, we headed that way. We encountered a trip wire, which we simply bypassed. There was writing in the passageway that said that the people up ahead are armed and do not like being snuck up on. Se we loudly announced ourselves.

We found 2 humans in a camp, with several mundane items for sell. Apparently, they stay here selling items, while the third brother of this group of siblings is supposed to bring items and drum up business.

One item that was interesting that we traded for was a statue that is supposed to open the portal back to the city. We traded a swan token for two statues, a grappling hook, and 4 days rations for each of us (that’s x4 for small characters!). We also bought 10 sticks of chalk.

They warned us about the eyeless ones, and said to stay out of the dark rooms.

So, we traveled south and then east. We found a room with several statues in it, and large glowing ball of light in the middle of them. We glanced around the room, and there was writing that said: do not attack the statues or approach the light. We also saw some glowing tiles on the floor behind the statues. Since we weren’t really told about this, we decided to go back to the camp and ask them what was up. They said that the statues open the portal on the tiles, known as the helmgate.

So, we then decided to look at our map, and it gave a rough location to the south and west of the crypt location. So we went south, and found a group of three ‘dwarves.’ Our dwarf cleric tried talking to them, but they didn’t respond. He went up to them, and offered a drink of ale, and one responded in undercommon. They seemed to be single-mindedly focused on tearing down a part of the wall and filling in a passageway. Behind the passageway was darkness. They said they were improving these rooms for the master.

We decided to leave them alone, and continued to the east, as south went into darkness.

In the next room, there were four humanoid laying on doors. Sturm said “I guess your mindless automatons too,” and they leapt up and attacked us. Turned out they were drow. Thomen tried charging them, but there were several traps on the floor. The cleric summoned a weapon that killed one of them, and the wizard got the remaining three.

We ended there, with more questions than answers.