Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Risia Ice Games

It wasn't until this latest incarnation of the ice games have I actually played them, so I feel a bit behind the curve. But after much practice, and watching some excellent YouTube videos, I feel that I have purple coin collecting down.

My suggestion: +30 jump spell or icy potion of jump, plus haste spell or icy potion of haste, and just totally skip the harbormaster house ramp. Oh, and no feather fall.

Need those potions? Then get coins to trade in for them the easy way (alternate method)

Once you got your spells on, try this!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Elite Sacred Helm

So Cyllyn needed some help. Melkiar was otherwise occupied, so I, Meloth the Balding, and Havarth Wolfkiller assisted Cyllyn. We knew that Shaagah's helm was well guarded, and that this would be one of our toughest fights yet.

We eventually persevered, but Cyllyn's apparent stature meant that my contributions, while worthy, did not help me gain meaningful experience.

Overall, it was fun, but took a long time, especially with several runs back and forth to shrines. I didn't drink all the sp pots I was given by Cyllyn, but I came pretty close. A level 10 rogue, level 5 barbarian, and level 4 wizard is probably the wrong mix for that sort of thing, but it still worked out. Next time, I might bring a cleric hireling with DV to help out of with spell points and healing.