Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DDOCast Player's Choice Design for True Reincarnation

On the ddo.com forums, there was quite angry disapproval about the Epic Reincarnation proposal when it was first revealed. I for one am not invested heavily in epic destinies, but I can understand that those who have played more epic content would not like the original proposal. But current discussions seem far more favorable.

But Sig and Anne over at DDOCast have a pretty good proposal here, which I encourage people to look at. I for one think the opportunity to provide input is good, and while I don't think one proposal will please everyone, brainstorming ideas and incorporating the best concepts should result in the most value and the least pain.

1st raid? Well, technically 2nd raid.

So, having capped 2 characters and being on a third life for one of them, I finally did a raid the other day. (I've done heroic Chronoscope solo with my bard and also on Lamannia, but I don't think that really counts.)

Yes, it was Tempest Spine elite with my 1 Monk/11 FVS. I was recruited and I figured what the heck, though I usually don't respond to tell invites. (and never to blind invites). The leader was even cool that it was my first time. I had a little bit of trouble keeping up early on, but once I figured out the 'cross the bridges and get to the cave' thing, I was able to keep up.

Only the fire jets gave me pause, but I survived. I was prepared to raise and heal with scrolls but it wasn't ever necessary. There were beholders somewhere too =). Very quick and easy run, I don't think I will have as much trepidation now joining Von 5/6, except for the time component. I'm thinking LAN party, get an LFM 'need guide' up and see how it goes.

I'm banking 13 still but probably not for much longer. Blade Barrier will probably be the spell of choice. I can't imagine a more useful spell, and I miss my persistent AoEs from my wizard lives. Even my bard has more! I have an elfcraft robe for crits, I can craft evocation focus, I just need a impulse/impact and I'll be good to go.

My PnP game may be starting back up soonish. Probably not this weekend but maybe next. I'll have to check out the adventure and see what's coming up =).

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Minecraft break

My son Deebs got back into minecraft recently and I finally got the LAN connectivity working so I can play with him.

We started making a house yesterday, and today he added some more floors and put in the stairs himself. He even added a hole on each floor to make quick access to the ground level:


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Artificer or Fighter splash

I am currently leveling a half elf Monk/Fvs (1/10) and I am approaching a moment to choose my third class splash to get feats all in a row

Fighter gives 2 feats but requires mental toughness taken as a feat. Artificer doesn't require mental toughness but has no bonus feat. 

Artificer also gives a repeating crossbow option and rune arm use. Since I won't have 10k stars until 20, that will help. Many feats work well with both artificer and arcane archer, including rapid shot,point blank shot. Zen archery, precise shot, etc.

Since I didn't take artificer at 1, trapping ability will be nonexistent. 

Is there anything I'm missing in making this decision?