Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Terror Greatsword and how I didn't know what I was missing

Back before Epic Destinies, and I was trying to get a light and darkness for my paladin with my capped wizard, I got a few nice end rewards from dreaming dark, some from the chest the old fashioned way with discs (even messing up once and having to get another disc because I left one disc in the bank...), and some from end rewards like normal.

So I have a lucid dreams waiting for an artificer, or at least an artificer 2 splash (any comments on artificer splashes for rune arm use?)

I almost got a regalia of the phoenix, but already had the epic cloak of flames so it was no longer the only item to boost meteor swarm, but decided to get Terror instead. It was kind of a hard decision, based on the review here .

I wasn't looking for specific weapons, I was looking for loot comparisons, so never did see all the other 'please fix terror' threads, the 'terror is worth it now' threads, or the 'Terror is the best!!!1111one!' threads.

But I had a wizard at 20, a stagnant paladin at 16 and a somewhat slowly leveling bard. I thought, oh well, at least I can beat down the mindsunder with it, as well as quori.

Just a few days ago, my 1st life bard got to the level 19 cap at level 17. I just haven't gotten around to leveling him up to 18 yet and getting my min level 18 gear out, including terror.

If I had known Terror was that good, I could have been running vale quests without a second thought (incidentally, level 16 ring of the stalker isn't bad). But now it is too late...

So alas, I will only know Terror post nerf, based on a review pre-nerf.