Thursday, July 28, 2011

Entering the Tomb

The group has found the Lost Tomb of Kruk-Ma-Kali, but it hasn't been without trial or tribulation.

After Vorian's death at the hand of a beholder, the party entered the Great Valley. There they encountered tribes of hobgoblins, who tried and failed to capture to them. The stronger tribe's spiritual leader and ally of the red dragon Khyrastryx saw the danger they posed, and tried to reason with them.

This was all for naught however, as a great wyvern spotted them on their way towards a mountain pass and flew to warn Khyrastryx. The dragon flew towards the group, trying to gauge their strength before committing herself.

Unfortunately, Chamele, perhaps overconfident in her abilities, launched a lightning bolt at the dragon, revealing herself and her power too soon. The dragon flew straight at her, snatching Chamele up in her jaws. Before losing consciousness, Chamele loosed another lightning bolt into the dragons maw. The dragon bit down, and then dropped Chamele to her death below. The other members of the group made a good showing in defending themselves, but Khyrastryx left them to recover as best she could.

The remaining members decided to hunt her down and avenge Chamele, and proved victorious. The druid's ability to nullify most of the damage caused by the dragon turned the tide of battle. The druid Aldoran then took Chamele with him back to Geanavue to be raised, using some of the dragon's horde as payment. The returned the next day to join Vorian, Kascannia and Cassandra back in the dragon's lair. It was then that the wyvern that they had seen previously attempted to bring the battle to them, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

From there, it did not take long to find the tomb, through the use of divine magics and knowledge that the bard and wizard possessed.

Thus far the dangers of the tomb have proven to be mere annoyances, though this is mostly due to resourcefulness and planning, and it remains to be seen if these will still be in abundance as they delve deeper into the tomb.