Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Delayed Posting

Sorry for the delayed posting. I'm slightly behind right now, with a post for Kalamar 3 weeks old now, plus a game of Palladium Fantasy from last Friday. Kalamar won't be playing for a little bit because two of the players are in Yosemite.

I did have an excellent 3-day weekend last week for my wife's and my 5-year anniversary.

I hope to have the game posts up by the end of this week.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ships Cross in the Night

Friday, March 27th, 2009

On Friday, we returned to the RIFTS campaign that we had put on hold in order to get back to Palladium Fantasy.

We had left the protagonists attempting to leave by helicopter, when several passengers and crew collapsed to the ground. Apparently the pilot was affected as well, and the helicopter quickly descends and crashes from a height of 100 feet.

Two of the ‘armadillo skunk apes’ run up almost immediately after the helicopter crashes, trying to get in the main side door. Luckily, the rail gun mounted on the side took up some room, and Carter and Maxell were already situated on either side of the gun.

Carter used the rail gun attached to his SAMAS suit to begin shooting the one right in front of him, while Maxwell used his coalition laser rifle to blast the other. Veras grabbed a large laser rifle from an unconscious crew member, and one of the crew used the helicopters rail gun.

It didn’t take long to completely obliterate the slow moving creatures. After a few minutes of checking for damage from both the previous attack inside the cabin and the recent attack, the helicopter took off once again, heading toward Saint Didacus.

Upon arrival, Maxell checked his mission packet, and determined where he was to rendezvous. The crew of the helicopter said they would escort the civilians into the city proper and would also get the hazard pay for Carter.

They traveled for about three miles by foot, which only took about an hour or so. On the way, they didn’t see many people, but those they did exhibited common characteristics. Everyone seemed lethargic, with dark circles under their eyes. Their skin was tight and drawn, and their movement was subdued.

They eventually reached a street with two large buildings across from each other. One was a concrete, square building rising several dozen feet into the air, and the other was a conglomeration of structures connected to each other, with several landings on it.

As they walk into the main square, Veras gets a message on her PDA.

From: Mantis
To: Striker
Glad you could make it in such short notice. Get out of there, now.

Veras decides to continue on, following the road between the two buildings, launching into a fast run. This definitely gets Carter’s and Maxwell’s attention.

One of the crew turns to Carter and says “The boss is in here. I’ll take you in, and you can get your money.” At the same time as he is going toward the northern building, a man in a business suit walks outside and stops at the steps leading up to it. “Zig?”

“That’s me,” says Maxwell, recognizing his codename. The man in the suit begins to walk toward Maxwell, when suddenly there is a blast from the ground floor of the building he was in.

It seems to be a shaped blast, as it continues out of the building, blasting into the crew member, the man in the suit, and the civilians, essentially vaporizing them. Luckily Carter was in his SAMAS suit and Maxwell was in MDC armor and didn’t die in the blast.

Carter flies up into the air to avoid the majority of the blast, and Maxwell tumbled backwards with the blast, attempting to mitigate it.

Maxwell looked around, and saw on top of the other building a juicer with their signature assassin rifle starting right at him.