Sunday, May 25, 2008

Coin Trilogy 06 - Sunday, May 25, 2008

Raizix - Fighter 3
Jelena - Ranger 3
Darwin - Sorcerer 3
Ember - Druid 2/Rogue 1

The group boards a cog, the Forsaken, and a bound towards Zoa. Quite a bit happens in 14 days:

Day 6: Killed two Sahugain that attacked. One almost made it away to come back another day, but didn't make it.

Day 9: A Sea Serpent began approaching the ship, but was diverted, mainly through bow shots and summoned porpoises.

Day 11: A pirate ship attacked, even though they were obviously outnumbered. The ranger proved her ranged combat abilities here.

Day 14: A badly damaged vessel was found. The PCs took the dingy to investigate. It turned out to be ridden with undead on deck. A living cleric of the harvester was found aboard, and was eventually killed. The rest of the ship hasn't been explored yet though.

The group is close to level 4. That concerns me, in that the second part of this adventure is for levels 2 through 4. I might have to start limiting XP or some other measure.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Kalamar Session 06 - May 23, 2008

Vorian - Fighter 12
Kascannia - Fighter 12
Casandra - Bard 9, Cohort of Vorian
Chamele - Wizard5/Rogue2/Infiltrator2/Arcane Trickster 3
Aldoran - Ranger 5/Druid 7
Brutus - Cleric 9 (NPC, previous cohort of Vorian)

First, I reintroduced Brutus, the Cleric of the Old Man to the group in a possible Duex Ex Machina to help Vorian and Kascannia. Though the others decided to backtrack shortly after that, so they met up in the middle of the tomb. They decided to backtrack, and gave 7 more gems to the gargoyle statue.

Brutus needed the Gem of Seeing that it produced to destroy the evil magical artifact in his possession, but Chamele played dumb and palmed it. We'll have to see how that evolves. They then almost fell down a trap where the corridor drops into lava. They then found a false Acrerac, which behaved like a lich. They did kill it, thanks mostly to flame strikes from the cleric and druid. After that, they found a stone juggernaut, an elephant on a log. Summoned dire wolves kept tripping it up, and Vorian used a borrowed longsword from Casandra to do it in at the end.

A longer than expected session, and still not done! There isn't hardly anything left to explore.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Coin Trilogy 05 - Sunday, May 15, 2008

The group finished up fighting goblins in the cave near the mithril meteor crater. They didn't find much more, though they did find the goblins youths and women towards the rear of the cave. Rather than kill them, they intimidated them into leaving with their belongings.

Then, as they were returning, they ran into a (random) encounter with gnolls and a hyena. They were taken care of easily. Then, they had a (not random) encounter with two ogres who had captured a dwarf. The ranger snuck up on them, and returned to report. Everyone snuck up, and due to some great coordination of sneak attacks, charges, and daze spells, the ogres didn't even have a chance to attack.

The dwarf thanked them, and said while he didn't have money for a reward, that he had a friend in Zoa who owed him a favor, and that they could call on him if they needed to.

They escorted him back to Hannex, where they talked to Veoden. They decided that he might not be on the up and up, and decided to sell him only half of the mithril, but gave him the information they knew. He said he didn't know the man Arowain had said they should seek, but knew someone who would be able to find him. Therefore, he has chartered a boat for them to Zoa.

The group got quite a bit of gold for finding Arowain and the mithril, and they also gained a level, so we spent the rest of the session leveling up and buying equipment in Hannex. Next stop, the high seas and Zoa.

Hopefully finishing up the Tomb of Horrors this Friday, and then back to the coin trilogy on Sunday. Not much time to prepare, but there's not much left of the tomb and the seas have a few excellent encounters before reaching Zoa.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Kalamar Session 05 - Friday, May 9th

Just a brief update this time. I think this is why the Tomb of Horrors isn't much liked: Guts, seeing a demon face in a hall of columns, and thinking that the ring from Aldoran appeared here, got too close to it and was sucked through and spat out of the demon face at the entrance hall of the tomb, with no equipment.

Then, making a few good decisions, the group did get to a set of mithril doors. Thinking to use their two obvious keys, Aldoran got shocked, twice. Once bitten, twice shy, he stopped messing with it. The bard thought the scepter may fit in the depression, and Kascannia decided to match colors again and put the silver end into the depression. She too was teleported to the the entrance hall, with no equipment. The three remaining in the tomb backtracked, and found the scepter back on the throne.

They decided to try the other end, and drawing the short stick, Casandra used the gold end of the scepter to open the door.

The whole group is now level 12, but the three inside the tomb are without their two melee fighters, leaving a bard, a druid/ranger, and an arcane trickster to themselves.