Monday, February 27, 2012

Establishing a kingdom

Last night we played Kingmaker, and the kingdom was founded, positions on the council were filled, the capitol city was established, and lots of xp was handed out.

 Actually, it wasn't a ton of xp, but enough to make it feel worthwhile for an evening without much combat or roleplaying.

So there was xp for:
  • Establish a kingdom
  • Build a capitol city
  • Grow kingdom to size 5
  • fill a city block with 4 buildings
  • completing a quest (no spoilers)
  • killing some things (no spoilers)
Buildings include: Castle, dump, house and shop.

Right now building points are at a premium but it is currently hard to fail an economy check so they should be getting build points every turn, enough to continue growing their kingdom.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SSD is nice, but...

Surprisingly, after putting an SSD in my 2006 MacBook Pro, most things sped up considerably. Boot times, application load times, even DDO, it was quite speedy.

But the bug about changing zones or characters several times is exacerbated in wine. So for short amounts of time it works great.

I would boot camp into xp if it had good SSD support, and I would boot camp into vista or 7 if it supported 'overclocking' the underclocked ATI X1600 in my particular model of Mac (way to go Apple, first put on a metric ton of thermal paste and then underclock the video chip, and then make fans run too slowly for gaming)

In DDO news, haven't really been playing, just running around with my wizard in slaying areas. Currently in Gianthold.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Catching up on a few things

1 - Played Kingmaker last night. Finished up the first module, and started planning the kingdom for book 2.

2 - Finally got around to uploading this picture of the mini I was working on. The hair is a separate pieces that I glued on. I ended up not using a join, but I did have to use my hand drill to make the connection stick. Also cut off the base and glued her feet directly to the provided base.

3 - No number 3 for now.