Saturday, February 23, 2008

Undermountain Session 01

Technically not our first session, but the first I'm posting here. Thomen (that's me), the Tallfellow Halfling, is searching for his missing halfling friends in Undermountain. So, far, all he knows is they were last seen/heard of on the third level.

He has three other adventuring companions: Malice, a female human monk, Diedra, a female human wizard, and Sturm, a dwarven cleric of Trithereon.

The last expedition into Undermountain, the group discovered a secret door leading to a dwarven tomb. They decided to explore further here, and found a large room with a tapestry.

Before they could begin investigating, two undead monsters came out from behind the tapestry, and attacked the party.

Things weren't looking good, especially after a third undead, a floating, flaming skull attacked the party.

The cleric, who normally doesn't have the strength of personality to turn undead cast a spell, and afterwords, was able to turn the undead, but just barely. One was killed as it was trying to flee, and the other ran away.

The flaming skull (double entrende intended) kept shooting rays out of its eyes are the group, and when it got weak, it retreated to the ceiling to heal. And, it cast spells from a distance.

The wizard's spells proved ineffective, as the skull was immune to most damage types, and very mobile. The monk and rogue/ranger were able to rush it quickly when it descended, and the cleric had a magical quarterstaff attack it. A good combination of hits brought it down.

Afterwords, the group found a strange mirror, which the monk promptly smashed, over the wizards protestations. Behind the mirror was an alcove with two detailed maps, a cold iron longsword, a magical ring of protection, and a small metal token of a bird.

After this short sojourn, the group returned to the yawning portal inn, and sold their findings.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Kalamar Session 01

Gamed last Friday, and had a good time.

First, the group killed or dispatched 22 bugbears. Not just regular bugbears, but bugbears with 4 classes of fighter or 6 levels of infiltrator. Most had around 50 hp. An entangle spell, and two fireball spells handled most of them.

.At the same time, one of the fighters was fighting a spiked chain wielding hobgoblin dread slaver. Her high AC kept her from getting hit though, which would have been bad, considering his weapon was coated with poison.

When he was killed, he and all his possessions dissolved in a pool of acid, because his cleric master didn't want his plot exposed.

Then the group went into the bugbear cave. Most of the areas were blocked off with large boulders. Suddenly, when they reached a small alcove, they were hit by a fireball spell. The wizard was almost killed, but the wolf, with his scent ability, found the invisible caster and helped the fighters bring it down. But, not before the invisible bugbear mage had cursed the fighter.

Even in his weakened state, the fighter flung open a door where he heard spell casting. Inside was the cleric of the overlord, giant sized, wielding a flaming spiked chain. The elven fighter leaped in, triggering a symbol of sleep which put the human fighter to sleep. She, plus the elven ranger, armed with human bane arrows and a well placed lightning bolt from the wizard almost killed the cleric before he teleported away. The cleric looked familiar, and turned out to be the same cleric the group had let go on the border of Pel Brolenon.

The group found what they were looking for: the captives were still alive, including the elven fighter's parents.

Everyone gained a level too, and everyone is level 11.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Game Starting

I'm currently DMing a Kingdoms of Kalamar game once a month, where the PCs are 10th level. We'll be playing this Friday, and depending on if they get through my first encounter okay, they'll probably reach level 11 and finish my homebrew adventure.

I also play in an Undermountain game that recently started, which plays once a month as well, two weeks after the game I DM. It's the same people playing in the Undermountain game and the Kalamar game. I play a halfling rogue/ranger and we just reached third level.

I'll be starting a new game soon, with two players being the same, and two new players. It will also be Kingdoms of Kalamar setting, starting out with the Coin Trilogy which begins with The Root of all Evil.

We're still creating characters, but we have a human fighter, a halfling rogue (who wants to become a druid), a grey elf sorcerer, and a wood elf ranger. It looks like it will be fun.