Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Game Starting

I'm currently DMing a Kingdoms of Kalamar game once a month, where the PCs are 10th level. We'll be playing this Friday, and depending on if they get through my first encounter okay, they'll probably reach level 11 and finish my homebrew adventure.

I also play in an Undermountain game that recently started, which plays once a month as well, two weeks after the game I DM. It's the same people playing in the Undermountain game and the Kalamar game. I play a halfling rogue/ranger and we just reached third level.

I'll be starting a new game soon, with two players being the same, and two new players. It will also be Kingdoms of Kalamar setting, starting out with the Coin Trilogy which begins with The Root of all Evil.

We're still creating characters, but we have a human fighter, a halfling rogue (who wants to become a druid), a grey elf sorcerer, and a wood elf ranger. It looks like it will be fun.

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