Monday, February 11, 2008

Kalamar Session 01

Gamed last Friday, and had a good time.

First, the group killed or dispatched 22 bugbears. Not just regular bugbears, but bugbears with 4 classes of fighter or 6 levels of infiltrator. Most had around 50 hp. An entangle spell, and two fireball spells handled most of them.

.At the same time, one of the fighters was fighting a spiked chain wielding hobgoblin dread slaver. Her high AC kept her from getting hit though, which would have been bad, considering his weapon was coated with poison.

When he was killed, he and all his possessions dissolved in a pool of acid, because his cleric master didn't want his plot exposed.

Then the group went into the bugbear cave. Most of the areas were blocked off with large boulders. Suddenly, when they reached a small alcove, they were hit by a fireball spell. The wizard was almost killed, but the wolf, with his scent ability, found the invisible caster and helped the fighters bring it down. But, not before the invisible bugbear mage had cursed the fighter.

Even in his weakened state, the fighter flung open a door where he heard spell casting. Inside was the cleric of the overlord, giant sized, wielding a flaming spiked chain. The elven fighter leaped in, triggering a symbol of sleep which put the human fighter to sleep. She, plus the elven ranger, armed with human bane arrows and a well placed lightning bolt from the wizard almost killed the cleric before he teleported away. The cleric looked familiar, and turned out to be the same cleric the group had let go on the border of Pel Brolenon.

The group found what they were looking for: the captives were still alive, including the elven fighter's parents.

Everyone gained a level too, and everyone is level 11.

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