Sunday, May 25, 2008

Coin Trilogy 06 - Sunday, May 25, 2008

Raizix - Fighter 3
Jelena - Ranger 3
Darwin - Sorcerer 3
Ember - Druid 2/Rogue 1

The group boards a cog, the Forsaken, and a bound towards Zoa. Quite a bit happens in 14 days:

Day 6: Killed two Sahugain that attacked. One almost made it away to come back another day, but didn't make it.

Day 9: A Sea Serpent began approaching the ship, but was diverted, mainly through bow shots and summoned porpoises.

Day 11: A pirate ship attacked, even though they were obviously outnumbered. The ranger proved her ranged combat abilities here.

Day 14: A badly damaged vessel was found. The PCs took the dingy to investigate. It turned out to be ridden with undead on deck. A living cleric of the harvester was found aboard, and was eventually killed. The rest of the ship hasn't been explored yet though.

The group is close to level 4. That concerns me, in that the second part of this adventure is for levels 2 through 4. I might have to start limiting XP or some other measure.

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