Friday, May 23, 2008

Kalamar Session 06 - May 23, 2008

Vorian - Fighter 12
Kascannia - Fighter 12
Casandra - Bard 9, Cohort of Vorian
Chamele - Wizard5/Rogue2/Infiltrator2/Arcane Trickster 3
Aldoran - Ranger 5/Druid 7
Brutus - Cleric 9 (NPC, previous cohort of Vorian)

First, I reintroduced Brutus, the Cleric of the Old Man to the group in a possible Duex Ex Machina to help Vorian and Kascannia. Though the others decided to backtrack shortly after that, so they met up in the middle of the tomb. They decided to backtrack, and gave 7 more gems to the gargoyle statue.

Brutus needed the Gem of Seeing that it produced to destroy the evil magical artifact in his possession, but Chamele played dumb and palmed it. We'll have to see how that evolves. They then almost fell down a trap where the corridor drops into lava. They then found a false Acrerac, which behaved like a lich. They did kill it, thanks mostly to flame strikes from the cleric and druid. After that, they found a stone juggernaut, an elephant on a log. Summoned dire wolves kept tripping it up, and Vorian used a borrowed longsword from Casandra to do it in at the end.

A longer than expected session, and still not done! There isn't hardly anything left to explore.

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