Friday, May 9, 2008

Kalamar Session 05 - Friday, May 9th

Just a brief update this time. I think this is why the Tomb of Horrors isn't much liked: Guts, seeing a demon face in a hall of columns, and thinking that the ring from Aldoran appeared here, got too close to it and was sucked through and spat out of the demon face at the entrance hall of the tomb, with no equipment.

Then, making a few good decisions, the group did get to a set of mithril doors. Thinking to use their two obvious keys, Aldoran got shocked, twice. Once bitten, twice shy, he stopped messing with it. The bard thought the scepter may fit in the depression, and Kascannia decided to match colors again and put the silver end into the depression. She too was teleported to the the entrance hall, with no equipment. The three remaining in the tomb backtracked, and found the scepter back on the throne.

They decided to try the other end, and drawing the short stick, Casandra used the gold end of the scepter to open the door.

The whole group is now level 12, but the three inside the tomb are without their two melee fighters, leaving a bard, a druid/ranger, and an arcane trickster to themselves.

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