Friday, April 25, 2008

Kalamar Session 04 - April 25, 2008

Chamele, Infiltrator 2/Wizard 5/Rogue 2/Arcane Trickster 2
Aldoran, Ranger 5/Druid 6
Vorian, Fighter 11
Kascannia, Fighter 11
Casandra, Bard 9, Cohort of Vorian

The group is still inside the tomb of horrors, trying to find the artifact the Church of the Overlord is looking for. It has been slow going, taking several days of recuperating from monster attacks and traps.

After resting thoroughly, Chamele opened the last of three chests, gold, in the room. Suddenly, a dozen snakes leap from the chest and swarm the nearest people. Chamele was bitten twice, as was Vorian. Kascannia was bitten once. Luckily, Chamele was no worse for the wear, but both Kascannia and Vorian felt much weaker. Aldoran shot three lethally with arrows, and then Vorian quickly dispatched the rest. Aldoran then cast a spell on Chemele to slow the poison, and then tended to Kascannia. She then shrugged off the poisonous effects, but was still feeling weakened.

Then, the group found their way through a long winding tunnel to a chapel. As they were exploring, they found traps in the pews and in the alter. As they were trying to find a way to continue, Kascannia began looking at urns in the corner, and saw a secret door. They put a magic ring in a slot, revealing a passageway. After going through three doors, and searching each pit that was after each door, they found a secret door. As Chamele was passing by, she saw another secret door right at the top of the stairs. She couldn't pick the lock, so she cast a knock spell. This didn't work either. Then Casandra attempted to dispel the magic that might be preventing a knock spell from working, twice, to no avail. Then Vorian began attacking the door with his sword. In three swift hits it was down, and the group went through.

They then came to what appeared to be mummy preparation room. The most noticeable thing in the room were three vats. They spilled out the contents of the middle vat, and grabbed a key-half at the bottom of the vat, and then poured some of the liquid from the middle vat into the third vat, which caused a gelatinous cube to become quite agitated, and it began to attack them. It was quickly dispatched. At the bottom of it's vat was another half of a key. Vorian pushed them together and they joined magically.

Chamele then lead the way, disarming traps as they went, and they stopped to rest in a room with several items strewn about, after pulling down the tapestries from a distance, which caused them to turn to green slime.

Everyone is close to level 12, especially Chamele who is less than 50 points away.

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