Sunday, April 6, 2008

Coin Trilogy 02 - April 06, 2008

Ember, Wood Elf Druid 1
Jelena, Wood Elf Ranger 1
Raizix, Human Fighter 1
Darwin, Grey Elf Sorcerer 1


The group begins to follow the map they found in Artuur Dairoo's grave. There are several locations on the map, with names and dates. They decide to follow the dates in chronological order to 'follow in his footsteps.'

The first location is just north of of the village of Hannex, about 15 miles. Moving is slow, because the ranger is providing food and water for the group so they can conserve their rations. Shortly after they start, they encounter a Giant Bombardier Beetle. Fang, Ember's dog, attacks it without mercy. Then Jelena shoots it with her bow, but the arrow is deflected by it's hard shell.

Raizix then runs up to hit, and slams into it with his greatsword, causing it to crumble to the ground.

Much later in the day, and close to their destination, they see a group of travelers, coming from the northeast and traveling in about the opposite directions as them. They don't interact much, and the travelers don't seem intent on causing any harm to them.

They camp for the night, and then make their first destination shortly after sunrise. The mounds are a strange phenomenon. They are three mounds, each about 60 feet wide and 100 feet tall, and perfectly rounded. They appear man made, and not natural occurrences, though their are no entrances. Around the second mound, they find three much smaller mounds, about 5 feet tall, and about 7 feet diameter. After checking for magic, they see that all three radiate magic, and they decide to unearth them.

The first is a statue of a white dragon. One of its eye sockets has a white pearl in it, and the other is empty. At it's base was a ruby gemstone, resting between it's fore claws. They dig out a second statue, and it is of a red dragon, but its head has been crushed in. At it's base was a blue sapphire. The last excavation reveals a blue dragon statue, similarly crushed as the red dragon, and at it's base is a pearl.

The human picks up the gemstones at the bases, and then inserts the pearl into the empty eye socket of the white dragon. The base of the statue moves backward on its own accord, and reveals a stairway leading down.

Inside, they encounter several things, including a group of kobolds, a smaller group of goblins, two traps, and a tiny white dragon. For their trouble, they found 400 gp, 100 feet of silk rope, a scroll of identify, a masterwork buckler, 50 masterwork arrows, 12800 copper coins, 1920 silver coins, a pink pearl, and three vials of acid.

They still have some more exploring to do, and see what, if anything this place has to do with Walker Dairoo and his discovery..

As a DM, this adventure was quite fun, as I used the random dungeon generator at I just added a back story, akin to the sunless citadel, to make it believable. I also used the random treasure tables in the magic item compendium for the first time. I think it made a much more interesting treasure than the DMG treasure tables.

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