Saturday, June 1, 2013

Artificer or Fighter splash

I am currently leveling a half elf Monk/Fvs (1/10) and I am approaching a moment to choose my third class splash to get feats all in a row

Fighter gives 2 feats but requires mental toughness taken as a feat. Artificer doesn't require mental toughness but has no bonus feat. 

Artificer also gives a repeating crossbow option and rune arm use. Since I won't have 10k stars until 20, that will help. Many feats work well with both artificer and arcane archer, including rapid shot,point blank shot. Zen archery, precise shot, etc.

Since I didn't take artificer at 1, trapping ability will be nonexistent. 

Is there anything I'm missing in making this decision?


Anonymous said...

Why not take more Monk? That provides bonus feats, yes?

Or if you have to have a 3rd class, 2 levels of Ranger provides three or four useful feats including TWF and two ranged feats (bowstrength and I forget the other).

Brian Peterson said...

I'll end up with 6 monk levels, actually, i don't think two more levels of monk would help.

here are the feats I would like to have or have already:

Dilettante: Ranger (1)
Point Blank Shot (1)
Toughness (1)
Maximize (3)
Precise Shot (6)
Rapid Shot (9)

mental toughness
Improved Critical: Ranged
Zen Archery
Weapon Focus: Ranged
Improved Precise Shot

Zen Archery is needed to use 10K stars with archery.

w.f. ranged is required for AA.

with the half elf ranger feat, I get bow str to 6 currently, and can get it higher.

I'll also need either an arcane class or mental toughness.

Two feats can be chosen by monk at 2 and 6. I'l get feats at 12,15,and 18. That means I need two more feats. I'd drop precision, except its the only good martial arts feat I can choose for monk for the build, and the others aren't really optional. So I think that makes my decision for me. Fighter it is!