Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Delera's Loot

The Update 17 end reward item updates for the Delera's chain are all very intriguing, even more so than some of the other stuff I've picked up here and there, and making a choice isn't as easy as it once was.

Even some items that get regular use got a bit of an upgrade, if only an augment slot. I don't yet have a silver longbow so Serpentbranch looks reasonable. But I also have the other items in my reward list that include two slots, which could come in useful:

They all have their uses, but at this point, I am leaning towards Serpentbranch. Thoughts?


Thazara ofOrien said...

Ooh. New loot. :) Ty, need to check it out. I kind of like the cloak, but yes, the bow's nice too.

P.S. This is Micki, name on my gmail/g+ is Thazara (my main on Orien).

Anonymous said...

Melkior: Your feeds aren't quite clickable with my Chrome browser in SlickRSS and then divert to a FeedStitch home page with Feedly. I was only able to read the article by searching a sentence fragment on Goggle. Might want to ask if others are having issues.

Brian Peterson said...

@teachersyn Yeah, others are having issues and I'm aware of the problem, but feedstitch doesn't seem to like blogger much.