Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tangleroot? Grey Moon Waning? Level 10?

by Melkior @ MelkiorWhiteblade.blogspot.com

So I finished up Tangleroot with elite bravery bonus and got skunked on end reward list, considering that I really wanted the new Fanged Wraps, which are tons better than the old version. Instead I got that summoning staff with two augments. Maybe I can put some spell power into it and make it into a kind of caster staff, or just wait and see what kind of augments I get in the future to make it worthwhile.

Also got one quest to go on Grey Moon Waning, and after that I'm pretty much done with level 7 elite bravery bonus quests, so i can farm for fanged wraps, or Delera's for the updated Devotion handwraps.

After that...Necro 2 and VoN. Anyone on Khyber looking for a piker...I mean hjealer?

In other gaming news, played board games last weekend. A Touch of Evil, Elder Sign, and Maul of America. All good in their own way, but I think Elder Sign was the best of them.

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