Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jungle of Khyber

I just finished, as in within the last hour, Jungle of Khyber in a pick-up group on elite bravery bonus. Yay!

A few observations:

  • Traps are bad. If you have a rogue or artificer in the party, let them handle it. ( I know that most groups rush through the first trap while the trapper stays behind to disarm it, but that didn't go well so and leads to...)
  • Raise dead is good. Someone should either have scrolls or have it memorized. In this case, that someone should have been me, but since I solo so much, I never invested in scrolls. I now have 10. If I have to use more than 10 in a quest...ouch.
  • Beholders don't live long when rushed. That doesn't mean you won't die, though (see observation above)
  • Marut DR is tough! Make certain you have something that will work against it if you are melee. In my case, I had some spells and played the healer role while not blasting.
30k+ xp for about half an hour isn't bad in my book (thought I know that can be slow for some)

Next...Shadow Crypt?

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Anonymous said...

Good tips to know. Maruts are Lawful Outsiders. At-level, ranged/magic attacks are best since his blasts often stun and cause massive electric damage. A Light Monk with Grasp the Earth Dragon, an anti-stun buff, helps for the melee fighters. Melees and ranged need Anarchic/True Chaos of Outsider/Construct Bane weaponry for best effect.