Thursday, April 4, 2013

OurDDO Feed

Evennote from the myDDO blogs has put together a nice resource for those of that blogged (even occasionally like me) to keep all the DDO blogs together in one place, and I should be included in the near future. Check it out at OurDDO.

In other news
, my third life Favored Soul 6/Monk 1 is banking level 8. I don't know why; I don't have a compelling reason to, but oh well. To be fair, I never thought I'd have a capped character, let alone a third life character. The intent is to get a favored soul life out of the way, but have fun with Arcane Zen Archer of 10,000 stars. So far I don't even have rapid shot yet so it's handwraps all the way, though I'm debating using Carnifex or some other two hander to just make things go down faster.

Cannith crafted Holy handwraps of Undead Bane get the most use right now, but I also have Fernia wraps and I'd use Devotion at times but I am Lawful Neutral and my UMD isn't high enough yet to use them. Fanged wraps work when my Lacerating ones don't so I feel I have enough wraps for now.

I've been looking around for bows and other equipment, and started looking at three barrel cove for the first time since the new loot was introduced. I think I could make some of that equipment work, and if not for this life, perhaps another one. Another option is that bow from the cannith challenges

I was recently able to play Dominion, which is a really great (non-collective) card game. I'm looking forward to being able to play it more often. And this Saturday I might be GMing our ongoing Kingmaker game if everyone can make it.

I finished reading the last book of the Wheel of Time. Great ending, and some day I'll have to do a complete re-read since it's been a while between books. Next on my list of books to read is the Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

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