Friday, May 3, 2013

Alts and grouping

One of my alts is quickly rising through the levels in an attempt to level up a static guild member. I won't call it a static group since we all have disparate play times and durations. Even more accurately, it's me and two IRL friends in the guild.

So I have a third life Monk1/FVS10, and 1st lives Bard20/Epic2, Ranger12, Rogue2/Ranger 4, and Paladin16. A few are banking xp but anyways, a good approximation of my range of characters.

I find grouping to be far more fun with people I know then people I don't, so I'm willing to run my level 6 guy through quests with a level 8 artificer to get her up in levels to help my third life out. I can still solo most content that I want to do, but having someone else can make it go much easier and usually faster.

Anyways my rogue/ranger is 20k xp away from 7 which should be a piece of cake. A priority is getting a Voice of the Master for the 5% xp, so just Delera's part 3 and 4 to go, and bravery bonus is a nice perk.

One thing I do like about TRs is the ability for premium players to unlock on hard (2nd life) or elite (3rd life+), which coupled with bravery bonus makes those lives a bit more tolerable.

I see the Otto's box is back, which is a little rich for my blood, but hey, I wouldn't be averse to trading something I got but didn't need for a box or a stone.

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