Monday, May 20, 2013

Necropolis xp

I think it was Friday that I got in two runs of shadow crypt with a sovereign pot I got from the daily dice, and I hope to get in some more while the xp weekend continues in Wednesday. I'm pretty close to level 12 now.

I'm considering banking xp, but I also want to break out the mabar wraps, garments of equilibrium and stonedust vampiric wraps. I'll probably farm shadow crypt while the pot is active.

I also ran Bloody crypt on my level 8 Ranger/Rogue for kicks. And by kicks I mean xp. I put up an lfm and I didn't get anyone until I was finishing up the 4th lock, so I waited a short bit for them to show up and finish up the quest. I did get a Mantle of Stria which I don't know if I will keep or sell. It seems like it could be useful.

I also 'upgraded' the armor on my pure ranger. I was using invulnerability but after about level 10 that doesn't work as well anymore so I now have buttressing armor with it's DR 4/- and Nat Armor. The nat armor isn't really necessary but if I'm lazy and don't cast barkskin it's nice to have.

I'll probably run Bloody Crypt again tonight. Maybe I'll get more takers on an LFM

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