Thursday, May 9, 2013

Quest cleanups

Last night I was able to get in a few quests, but nothing special.

The 2nd catacombs quest with my ranger/rogue. Once you know these, they can be very fast. I am hoping to get new end reward equipment with slots. Silver/ghost touch/undead bane with a red slot? Yes please! Even eternal rest would be nice, though I may farm devil assault for handwraps instead.

Shadow Crypt flagging with my Bard for favor and to be able to open for others. Got a +1 longsword of smiting as an end reward on one of them. That should see some use in Von 4 I think.

Then House of Broken Chains with my bard and guildmate barbarian to continue the Menace of the Underdark storyline. Next up is House of Death Undone, which was quite buggy when I played it last, and got me to TR not just once, but twice with my main. No special loot except a sapphire of protection +6.

One nice thing about the panthers from the Collectors edition is that they are gold seal, so we have a full party with just two of us, two panthers, and two regular hirelings.

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