Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My poor car

A few months ago, when it looked liked Beth would start getting a paycheck soon, I had said that she could buy whatever she wanted with her first month's paychecks. After she got her first one, she told me she wanted to fix the A/C in my car, which I thought was a very nice thing for her to do.

She got her second paycheck August 7th, so I was going to take it in on the 8th, but that didn't pan out, and neither did the 11th. So I called the shop we usually take it to in order to make an appointment. That's when they told me that they couldn't fix it.

The reason: It's a 1990 Toyota Camry that uses R-12 freon, which has been phased out in favor of R-132 freon.

So, I can do a retrofit, sell the car and buy a newer one (1994 or newer), or go without.

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