Friday, August 1, 2008

Kalamar Session 08 (Gygax Tribute) – August 1, 2008

I’ll try to keep this journal post short. My players survived the tomb of horrors, after almost 5 months and 7 Friday evening game sessions

Essentially, they picked locks, disabled traps, searched around, and found the true crypt.

One thing I regret is how I allowed another player to control my wife’s character in a way that put her at risk, and probably in way she wouldn’t have actually acted.

Her character (Chamele) died first, failing her saving throw. Next, the elven fighter died. The human fighter saved, and then the elven druid Aldoran picked up the portable hole that Chamele from the ground and used it like a net to trap the demilich construct inside.

One of my players thought that this thing was invincible or undefeatable.

They also found what appears to be a holy book of the church of shackles.

Then, since it seemed that time was against them, Aldoran, Vorian, and Casandra prepared to go to Geanavue, the closest metropolis and best place to get healing. Aldoran changed into a eagle, and flew non-stop with a helping wind (10 mph+) to Geanavue, almost 600 miles away. (speed 80, hustle for 160 miles per 8 hours, shifting three times and using cure spells between shifts to remove fatigue)

So, I allowed that he could make it in time. The question then is how will the clerics and leaders of Geanavue react to a powerful demilich construct being brought to their city? Suggestions and comments welcome!

Demilich information from (this is substantially more powerful but essentially the same, at least the soul sucking part

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