Friday, August 15, 2008

Car in the shop

Yesterday on my way home from work early, my car had some problems. First, it sputtered and died in the parking lot. Then it died while in traffic, on a bridge no less. I got through the bridge, and waited 20 minutes for a tow (which isn't so bad.)

Got it towed to where the radiator was replaced a few months ago. Waited for a while for Beth to drive me home.

Turns out that the radiator hose had a pinhole leak in it that sprayed water on the distributor cap. Water pooled in the cap, causing it to short out. So, that has to be fixed with a new radiator hose.

Good news is, they had R-12 Freon. So, the A/C is getting fixed at the same time. It had a leak in the compressor plate. They'll try to replace the fittings instead of the whole plate, and we'll see if that fixes it.

It should be done today.

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