Monday, March 16, 2009

Where running is the better part of valor

We played Palladium Fantasy on March 13th, a month after our previous session, which means we played on Friday the 13th two months in a row.

After dodging spells from Atlas and Terra, the monstrosity seemed slowed down, as if catching it's breath. Jade hits it again squarely with Vagan's Hook. Atlas then sends some more blasts of fire into the body of the creature.

It quickly moves to retaliate, hitting Jade with one tentacle and narrowly missing Melkior with two. Melkior charges after sidestepping the blows with his wolfen sized battle axe, and calls on the power of Isis to smite this foe. Terra follows up this attack with a fire spell of her own.

Jade begins backing away from the creature after Atlas says he's going to try to stop it with a wall. The creature then slams into Melkior, his only nearby adversary. Melkior, drained after his previous attack, tries to ready himself for his next attack, and begins to stand.

Just as Melkior gains his feet, the creature swipes at him with another tentacle. Melkior backflips out of the way, putting some distance between himself and the creature, and narrowly avoids being hit. Just as he lands on his feet, he is hit from behind by a blast of fire from Terra. He is flattened by the force, and glance up to see the creature ready to grab him.

Just in time, a wall of ice appears inches from Melkior, blocking him from the creature. Melkior stands, and with a brief second looks closely at the creature through the thick sheet of ice. It like nothing he has ever seen or heard of before. He decides it is better to leave now and try to fight this thing in a more advantageous terrain. He grabs his spear and heads toward the others.

Atlas says he can make everyone invisble if they are near him, so everyone goes toward him, except one. The creature begins to bash at the wall, and as Melkior passes Terra, she draws her sword and swipes at him, missing him completely. As soon as Melkior reaches Atlas, they and Jade become invisible.

Terra continues to attack wildly, and Melkior sees that her face is completely void of emotion or intelligence. He assumes she's been possesed, and tries to think of a way to stop her. The three invisible people, forced to stay togeather gather their dropped possessions first, and then wait for Terra to approach.

As Terra raises her sword arm to make a downward strike, Melkior steps in and applies pressure on her upper inner arm, allowing her sword to fall against him. He then quickly places his foot behind hers and swipes her feet out from under her, causing her to fall forward. She lands, and says "Um, sorry about that. Thanks."

The four of them, now invisible and in control of the faculties, travel down the path as quickly as possible. After the invisibility spell runs out, Terra casts a similar spell on everyone. They reach the doorway that they entered this land just as they had left it. However, the surrounding land seems to have been changed drastically. Where once the grass was green and lush it is brown and dying. It is as if the land had been blighted for decades in the course of an afternoon.

Terra attempts to open the door, and stuggles against it, but it finally opens. Jade asks Vagan's Hook, "ready to take a trip?" It responds, "Lead on." Jade jumps through the doorway, followed by Melkior and then Atlas. The door begins to forcefully close behind Terra, who allows it to close right behind her, forcing her through the doorway.

Player Note: So technically, this is where the group began about 5 months ago, and where we left off several years ago. Except we now have a rune weapon and a warlock.

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