Monday, March 9, 2009

A slight gaming delay

The plan was to play either Rifts or Palladium on Saturday, but one of our players had to work Saturday and early Sunday morning. Add on top of that Daylight Savings Time, and gaming was not really possible.

But the rest of us still got together and played Settler of Catan. Other games for consideration were Rummikub, Ticket to Ride, Age of Renaissance, and various others. Settlers was the shortest of all of them, and we thought if it didn't take too long, we could get a second, possibly different game in.

We only played one game as we got started kind of late, but it was a good one.

We've rescheduled the game to this coming Friday, and decided to play Palladium Fantasy.

On Sunday, we did play D&D 3.5 Kalamar, which will be in the next blog post.

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