Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kingmaker, reaper, DDO, and other games.

Haven't blogged lately, here's an update:

Kingmaker continues slowly but surely. Kingdom size still less than 10, but in looking the rules, it seems easier to have one large citystate type kingdom than to have multiple cities. But there is a loss of potential by not using the landmarks to discount buildings. A larger kingdom allows building to be built faster, and farms can help pay for large consumption due to edicts, so there are some benefits.

The Reaper kickstarter was an awesome opportunity to get some minis which I could not pass up. I see much painting in my future.

I continue to play DDO almost exclusively. The Menace of the Underdark expansion is awesome, so i bounce between my 2nd life wizard and recently level 22 bard. Got a t-shirt and swag from DDOCast, too!

I did get portal 2 and that game is awesome. Civ 5 also sees some play.

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