Monday, October 1, 2012


Not too long ago, I was running my Bard 20 /Epic 1 / Fatesinger 3 in Eveningstar quests with a guildmate on her Barbarian 20 / Epic 1 / Fury 3, with the aim to get some loot, xp, and commendations, especially since the random encounters in the King’s Forest are still a bit buggy. I was tossing all my commendations her way, since I already have what I need for this character.

Fast forward to the Battle for Eveningstar, and either the wiki is wrong or I am misremembering, but I know I got the Drow smoke goggles, and I’ll swear it was the granary chest and not the end chest but oh well. I gave them to my guildmate because I already had the epic ring of the slayer and she still had my bloodstone I had loaned her, and she equipped them and went to town.

And then it happened…yep you guessed it. Drow Smoke goggles were on her chain completion end reward list, proving that the loot gods hate me, and reinforcing how awesome BTCoE is, and how lame BTC is.
Another plus in her column was enough commendations for Purple Dragon Knight armor. I know, heavy armor for a barbarian is less than optimal but for a casual player the free LR (which went off without a hitch) to restat/refeat and get heavy armor prof and overwhelming critical wasn’t awful and a stacking +3 to hit/damage for the set wasn’t going to be coming from something else anytime soon.

In other bad loot news, I still don’t have a complete sigil but I’m going to cut my losses and come back and get it later, so I can run litany unimpeded on my third life. Currently rank 90 and looking forward to running vale quests for xp. Not certain I can keep up my bravery bonus solo on those but I’ll see what I can do.

I did get a Turbulent Epee last night though, which I may have to test out, but compared to a dedicated DR breaker I don’t think this passes muster but as a generic DR breaker ‘just-in-case’ it may be okay.

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