Friday, September 17, 2010

Theming with OS, Apps

In my DDO blog, I posted about using Wine to run DDO now. I've got everything pretty much set. but because I'm using Wine, some of the windows apps look like they are running in the dark ages (Windows 2000, anyone?)

Even though Leopard and Snow Leopard in OS X allow some customization, Windows still allows for the most customization of the user interface (next to Linux, IMHO).

So I went about skinning and theming the netbook with the Royale Noir XP theme, and also got a theme for Miranda IM. I also got stylish installed in Firefox, giving me a large amount of control over the colors of websites.

I was unable to import the .theme or .msstyle into Wine, probably because it's not colors and fonts so much as a new shell layout for windows.

Anyways, you can see the results of my efforts in the screenshot.

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