Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sorrowdusk 4th time through

So, I've been trying to level up and catch up with my regular group, and am still short by quite a bit. I just finished my third time through Sorrowdusk..well sort of.

The first time was on hard with the group all the way through the 10 quests. Except for the last one, which they completed without me. With no way to unlock it on hard, I was forced to finish the last quest on normal. I then went through a second time, completely solo. I did it on hard for the first 8 quests, and then on normal for the last two.

Most recently. I ran just cult of the six, the last 6 quests, again on hard with the last two quests on normal.

So now, I'm going to run all 10 quests, this time on normal, and the very last quest on hard.

I've got enough xp to level to 11, but am banking it so I get more xp on this run through. The only thing that might give me some difficulty is the very last quest with the fire reavers, but I plan to retrain my enhancements and take Knight of the Chalice by then.

After that, I'll be good to go on elite with the group once again.

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