Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hirelings for the Win!

So,  a couple of months ago my group decided to try Gladewatch Outpost Defense. With just the 3 of us at low to mid level (around 6 to 8 I think), I think we crashed and burned.

With more money to our name, we each got a hireling and went into it. Level 9 cleric, level something or other fighter, and a level 7 wizard. I had the wizard, the rogue had the fighter, and the ranger had the cleric.

We kind of muddled through on normal, but did okay. The wizard was really weak, which was too bad, but the cleric was able to raise him without much problem during lulls in the battle. It took me a little while to get used to wall of fire, and how to best use it with my henchmen, but I think it went well overall.

Feeling quite good about it, we immediately went back in on hard, and even though it was supposed to be tougher, we all managed to handle our hirelings a bit better, and in some ways did better the 2nd time around.

And then, we went into archer point defense on elite, before our hireling timers expired. That also went really well. The wizard died even more, as it wasn't really a defensive situation, and I was prepared for his actions. I ended up putting him completely on passive just to try to keep him from getting himself killed.

But I think getting three quests in an hour was sweet, and getting the favor was nice too. We might have to rethink our strategy on elite for gladewatch, and might need more PCs rather than hirelings.

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