Friday, March 21, 2008

Kalamar Session 03 - Gygax Tribute

Yesterday, Friday March 21, 2008, the group continued in the Tomb of Horrors. The ended up winding around a bit, and eventually retraced their steps, looking for a secret door or passage, which they eventually found.

They did throw a magic ring into a sphere of annihilation, thinking to sacrifice a ring due to a riddle they found. They also allowed 3 of 10 gems to be crushed, but did not follow through.

The session ended with the destruction of a bone golem. I'm running the adventure as written, and this foe turned out to be a bit weak for the group.

Tomorrow I'm running a level 1 game for a new group (Two existing players and two new players). In two weeks, we'll return to Undermountain.

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