Tuesday, December 4, 2018

2018 Update

I haven't posted in a while! Lots of new updates:

  • Got an Xbox One X for the family for Christmas 2017.
    • Final Fantasy XV is pretty cool. The main story is short but the world itself is amazing. I haven't played any of the DLC yet but I may have a chance during the Christmas break.
  • I beat Final Fantasy I and III recently. Now playing Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age on PC.
    • I played the PS One remake of Final Fantasy I because it fixed a few issues with the game, such as crit percentages and enemy weaknesses. It also allowed running. I played it through with two Fighters/Knights and two Red Mages/Wizards. 
    • The DS port of Final Fantasy III was neat. I really enjoyed the customization of the classes and the party. I could see myself playing it again with a different party composition
    • The PC version of Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age is great. 60 FPS, fast forward option, and the zodiac license board is much easier to use compared to the the original game. The new music is great too.
  • In Pathfinder, got two groups going.
    • Book six of Kingmaker, may see the end of the campaign in 2019...fingers crossed.
    • I am GMing a group, where the average age is less than 20 (three kids plus Jessica, haha).
  • Current MMO is Final Fantasy XIV, almost getting all caught up. I think the Blue Mage class is coming up soon and I'll be super excited to see how that plays.
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone :)

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