Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pathfinder Kingmaker Adventure Path

After listening to the Strand Gamers on and their Kingmaker game, I had a feeling that I would be running it someday. I ended up buying the first adventure in the path, Stolen Land, a couple of months ago. When my Kalamar campaign got somewhat derailed by Barbed Devils, it seemed like it was time for us to move over to Pathfinder from 3.5.

We just finished our third session, having skipped exploration almost entirely, moving into the territory of all manner of band things quite handily and reaching level 2.

Normally I know things like character names, classes and stats but I'll put up what I remember and update as time goes on:
  • Ulric, a human cavalier who owns a dog and a horse.
  • Morex, a dwarven cleric of Sarenrae
  • Ari, a gnome driud with a wolf companion
  • Zydora, a half-orc inquisitor with a mule to carry her equipment for while she appears imposing, her physical strength is lacking.
I'll try not to post spoilers as unlike Kalamar, the kingmaker adventure paths seems quite a bit more popular. A brief synopsis of the sessions is below:

Session 1
Character Creation
a brief fight

Session 2
Traveling south
almost die, slightly poisoned

Session 3
almost die, wrecked by blood loss and disease
forge an treaty
meet some new people

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