Monday, May 9, 2011

More news from a DDO player on a Mac

Just wanted to let everyone know that the latest release of wine has some more features for directx compatibility that seem to give DDO a little bit more of a boost, at least in my case on an older MacBook Pro (model 1,1 to be exact).

Some of the tools available to LOTRO players, including LotroBoost got me thinking about using symlinks myself. Because I have a slower hard drive in my laptop (5400 rpm), I was used to running DDO off of a flash drive, and usually booting off of an external usb hard drive for a little bit better performance. (which you can't even do on windows without hacks.)

But, using symlinks (learn more in linux or mac by typing 'man ln' into the terminal), I was able to split the dat files between my external hard drive and flash drive, and still boot off of the internal drive.

End result? Far less lag / frame rate drops in large areas like marketplace or outdoor areas, and improved loading times.

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