Monday, February 7, 2011

How to remain sane while slaying...

Assuming your sane to begin with, you might be in the level 8 to 13 range and looking at the Red Fens slaying and thinking 'how can I even get to 7500 slayer in a decent amount of time to make it not completely worthless?' And maybe you can't.

Or maybe you only have short snippets of time to play, where you couldn't finish a quest, but can get something done.

For me, I mostly listen to podcasts, and some of my favorite ones are 'Actual Play' (AP) RPG podcasts, where 'traditional' sit down role players record their game sessions.

The best of these is, where they have several hundreds of hours of actual play podcasts, ranging from 2E AD&D to 3e and 4e, retro clones like Castles and Crusades, actual old school like Empire of the Petal Throne, Rolemaster, and Indie as well. It's a great way to hear some traditional RPG in our favorite MMORPG.

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