Monday, January 11, 2010

Still no roleplaying...but having fun!

Well, it's been a while but I think there will be roleplaying this Friday. Last Friday we played Ticket to Ride at work. I had originally gotten 10 people together, but several people were sick and two people had to change their lunch time to do some work, so it got whittled down to five.

We played with the new 1910 USA expansion I got and it was quite fun. We played with the 1910 rules, which meant most of our tracks were short and disconnected, and most people got extra tickets which was a change from our normal style of play.

I got 4th place, because I was blocked on one route and we ran out of time on another.

In other things I've been doing lately: Almost done with Final Fantasy IX! It's been about 2 and half years that I've been working on it, with 90 hours of game time, most of which was the card game while rocking Mr. Bebop to sleep. I'll probably finish the last two bosses to watch the ending, then go back and get the two optional bosses Ozma and Hades.

I got Ace Combat 5 and Final Fantasy X for Christmas so I won't be wanting for video games for a while. Also got a gift of $20 for turbine points in DDO, and I won 500 points on twitter for their Festivalt giveaway. So now I have plenty of points and not much time to play the game currently.

We've watched several movies recently, including Evan Almighty, The Maiden Heist, Julie and Julia, Wall-E, Coraline, Duplicity, The Proposal, Ice Age: The Meltdown, and I think I've missed one or two.

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