Thursday, August 27, 2009

HackMaster Basic - What's your threshold of pain?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Two weeks prior to actually sitting down and playing HackMaster Basic we finished making two characters. One was a human cleric of the Guardian by the name of Gentle Geronimo. The other was an elven mage by the name of Bella.

The adventure, White Palette, Ivory Horns (available free from Kenzer & Company's website) was a good introduction to the game in my opinion. The game did get to a slow start, however, as the thief, cleric, and Mage didn't trust the painter and his description of the attack on the caravan. "who attacked it? Where? When?" While good questions for the would be journalist, an expectation that one person would hand a quest on a platter was a bit strange.

Opposed skill checks seemed to take some getting used to, as you add your percentile roll to your skill, instead of the regular roll under style my players are used to.

Combat works really well with the count up system, but as cautioned, means you have to pay attention...nobody is going to tell you when it's your 'turn' like in most other roleplaying games.

We didn't finish the last combat due to time constraints, but it wasn't looking too good for some people. The cleric, suffering from a frail physique, was thrashing in pain shortly after combat began. Even the dwarf was laid low due to pain, but not to the same degree as the cleric. The thief has awesome potential with backstabbing ability and the mage, while seemingly not powerful was able to deal large amounts of damage by avoiding to-hit rolls and ignoring damage reduction.

Overall, I like the system so far, though I might make a cheat sheet for 1, 19, and 20 on attack and defense.

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