Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hackmaster Basic character creation

July 3rd, 2009

On Friday, instead of our normal game of Palladium Fantasy or RIFTS,
which we were playing since we finished the Tomb of Horrors in our
ongoing Kingdoms of Kalamar DnD 3.5e game, we started making
characters in HackMaster Basic.

Some people might think that HackMaster isn't a serious game, or is
just an AD&D clone. While the previous edition of HackMaster was
perhaps not very serious, it was definately playable, though I never

The new edition is not constrained by Kenzer & Co.'s license with
Wizards of the Coast, and therefore doesn't need to be a parody or a
throwback. This means it's a brand new game, while keeping the
HackMaster name.

Reading through the book, it was still a very entertaining read, which
is more than I can say about splat book x from some other companies.

So, we got down to making characters, which went pretty smoothly.
Everyone choose to keep the stats in the order they rolled them in
order to get the extra building points, and to make a more natural

It turned out well, as we got a human cleric of the guardian, an elven
mage, a dwarven fighter, and a human rogue. The most notable thing
about the four characters is that the dwarven fighter has looks and
charisma of three, which meant his honor took a huge hit. He also has
a quick-temper flaw, which will be interesting.

Otherwise, all the classes were represented, though we don't have a
halfling. Since skills and talents haven't been bought yet, this might
change, as I think halfling rogues probably cost fewer points than
human rogues.

Once characters are finished, I'll prbably put up scans of the
character sheets.

I'll be running this in the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting, as it's what
I know the best, and is the official setting for HackMaster anyways.

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