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Dire Wolf Cupcakes and more.

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We had people over for gaming on Sunday, and Beth made Dire Wolf cupcakes. They were excellent.

We played through another small part of the Forging Darkness module, which is the second part of the Kingdoms of Kalamar Coin Trilogy.

The adventurers had just returned from the jungle with Halaan, the alchemist who is to have knowledge on how to stop a coin of power. Daresh, an evil wizard, had another alchemist create her a coin of power. The adventurers had interrupted the process, but to ill effect. The coin is now grafted to Daresh, making it fused to her life essence. Normally, a coin of power destroys the weilder by drawing on their essence, but this link may circumvent that.

Trying to fight fire with fire, Raizix, Darwin, Ember and Jelena traveled to Zoa to seek the aid of Halaan the alchemist. They eventually tracked him down to the jungles south of Zoa, and rescued him. They have since returned to Zoa and are aiding him in creating a second coin of power.

Back in September 2008, when we started the adventure, everyone had reached level five. We got everyone's spells sorted out, their animal companions and familiars (I always forget level 5 familiars can speak!), and new equipment (character sheets available to view here. Then, the adventurers went to the manor house of the Hireeds. Rumors surrounding their strange activities and fall of the family were common. They were searching for the first of three ingredients for the coin: a diamond touched by death.

They found the estate shortly after entering the woods, and had little trouble finding a trap door leading downwards, presumably into a cellar or crypt. The only problems they encountered were an iron door with an old chain and a few dire rats. The iron door succumbs easily to a few blows from a sledge by Raizix and Jelena. The rats posed little problem and were quickly dispatched.

Once in the tomb, the group quickly found a suspicious trail leading from an open coffin to a sarcophagus. They open it to find a tentacled monster, which they killed surprising quickly. Having read through the adventure a few times, I thought a CR 8 monster that deals stat damage would be bad news. Jelena got a crit with her longbow (3d8+15), and it was pretty much over.

The monster had a diamond in its clutches, which they promptly took back to Halaan.

So thats what happened back in September. New jobs and schedules meant we didn't play again until January 18, 2009.

Halaan thanked them for their work so far, and was interested in hearing about the horror within the tomb. Taking the diamond, he gave them an iron baton in exchange. He explained it was to capture the lightning breath of a blue dragon. The blood of a devil spilled by a coward is the last rare ingredient. He says he doesn't know where a devil or dragon may be found, but the wizard Geolain might. The group has worked with Geolain in the past, so they went to on their way.

As the group leaves Halaan's Forge, they see some thugs across the street in front of a house, and apparantly the family in the house is leaving, loading their possession on a cart. This lead to some 'daring do' by Raizix, who thought the family might need some rescuing from some ner-do-wells. Eventually, Darwin gets on Raizix's case: "You want to rescue a family from selling their house? What? Really? Really?!" Jelena tries to help the situation, but gets her foot in her mouth, "Who are they, anyways?" indicating the rough looking men. Raizix isn't satisfied with leaving without doing anything, and tells the women his name and how to contact him, attempting to be discreet. This part of the module wasn't scripted, which made it kind of fun as a GM to fill in the holes, but someone difficult too.

The adventurers get to Geolains tower after that, and are told about the Sentinels of the True Way by Foa, Geolain's assistant, and how they have been harassing him and Geolain. This is probably in connection with the books that the adventureres resuced for Geolain from the Sentinels earlier, according to Foa.

Geolain tells them that a Blue Dragon is supposed to have lived, and probably still does live, in the Khydoban desert, which is across Reanaaria Bay and the Sea of the Dead. Raizix is concerned about what dangers they may be in the Sea of the Dead. "Oh, nothing much. There's rumors that the dead live there, but I'd be more concered about pirates. Considering it's not shipping season, there isn't much to worry about."

They follow Geolains directions, and take their ship, the Hyperion, with Captain Wein and a new crew out of Zoa accross the sea. It's uneventful, and the group plans on how to cross the desert, discussing what supplies they will need.

They sail into Dynaj and travel by camel to the village of Ejja-Vonan. They didn't plan on staying at Ejja-Vonan at all, thinking that they had an accurate map and good trackers in their group and wouldn't need much help. However, as they were passing through, an attack by two gaint octopi on the fishing boats out in the water got their attention. They rushed to everyone's aid, and through the use of bow and spell killed one and drove off another.

The village elder, or Senojy, thanked them, and told them what he knew of the dragon to the east. He also sent four guides with the group to assist them.

That's as far as we got on Sunday. The other group will be playing Palladium this Friday, and this group will be playing again on Sunday the 25th.

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