Friday, July 18, 2008

Undermountain Session 04 - Friday, July 18th, 2008

Our adventuring group was still in a room full of traps and dead drow. Thomen searched the room for additional traps and other interesting things. We found a small path concealed by rubble, which we considered traveling down.

When Sturm looked inside, he saw spiders swarming towards him due to his superior dwarven vision. We weren't well prepared for this type of threat, but Sturm summoned a flying bug thing that sprayed acid on the spiders, and that took care of them.

We then meandered on, going in a general north west direction. We entered a large room, that had a strange square-like body of mud. Ringing the mud was rubble and skeletons, and then large mushrooms. Thomen saw tracks amongst the rubble, and decided to investigate. Diedra decided to follow as well. As soon as Thomen stepped amongst the mushrooms, they released poisonous spores. Diedra was caught in the cloud too.

Thomen decided to get immediate treatment from Sturm as he wasn't feeling too well, while Diedra stayed in place, as she felt fine. Thomen felt better and shrugged off the poison, while Diedra felt much worse.

Diedra then decided to try to burn a path through the mushroom using her lamp oil to get a fire started. After setting the fire, she left the room and rejoined everyone else.

After more meandering, we found what we believed to be the entrance to the crypt of yeldoon. Outside were 6 statues, and as we cautiously looked around the room, two magic using zombies attacked us.

After a protracted battle and a close call, the zombies were dispatched. We took their weapons and armor, and a small store of treasure, and went back to a defensible location.

While we were resting, something tried to get in the room, so we decided to use our new portal keys to return to the first level and the surface, rather than face what was outside the door.

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